There's is always going to be another federal election to determine whether or not there'll be a new leader of the Canadian federal government or if current leaders will continue in their position. A lot of people are clamoring for change but not enough of those people actually go out and vote to have their opinion heard.

The usual sentiment is, "my vote doesn't matter so why should I vote?" Your vote does matter though! That's the thing. Just because every election results in low voter turnout doesn't mean that has to be the case. You can make a difference. Every vote counts. Not enough people get out to cast their vote on election day. No matter the election, no matter the country.

Why not change that and make a difference? That way when the election comes and you vote you'll have helped out your party a great deal. Who can vote? To be eligible to vote in any election in Canada you have to be the age of voting majority, which is 18, and be a Canadian Citizen. Voting really is as simple as that.

Don't think you can easily get out of voting just because you were born in Canada but you've been out of the country for the past few years. You can still vote in the upcoming election if you've been away from Canada for five consecutive years or less. In order to make your vote count from overseas you have to verify that it's only been less than five years, register for a special overseas voting ballot and then wait for a voting kit that will arrive to you by mail to your current address sent by Elections Canada. That kit will have everything you need to make your vote count.

If you're a registered voter in Canada you will receive a registered voter's information card in the mail. This card confirms that you are eligible to vote in the upcoming election and tells you where your voting booth is. Bring this card with you when you go to vote. If you know you're eligible to vote in Canada and didn't receive a registered voter's information card in the mail you still have the option of registering in person at your nearest voting station. Just make sure to bring a piece of ID that has your name and current address on it as well as a valid signature such as your driver's license or two pieces of ID that can supply the above information such as your health card and hydro bill. Get voting!

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