When an election is approaching there are always going to be current issues that are going to be the focus of the candidates platforms and the debates. These might change over time according to the economy, recent events, and the triumphs and failures of the last government in power. There also might be different issues across the country according to the region. You will find that someone living in Maui has concerns that are quite different from those in St John's.

There are some things that we require from our government no matter what is happening in the newspaper every day. If you're living in Canada than you can look forward to a universal healthcare system called OHIP. But this does not mean that each government does not have a hand in what's being paid for and what's not, such as your commission fees for buying new home or taking your child to see a pediatric dentist. If you're working in the manufacturing industry in an American factory or are a teacher in Canada you're likely wondering what your government is planning to do in terms of healthcare.

Education is another concern that comes up with people again and again. If you're at the age where you're just receiving the right to vote than you might be wondering about funding for post-secondary education such as brick cleaning Toronto based lessons. If you're planning to attend an school you might be interested in tuition freezes. In America, you might be looking into the grants and scholarships that each party is planning to offer you.

And then we get into the economy and the money that the government is planning to spend on everything from job creation to the military. This is where people and businesses are going to have very different opinions across the board. While everyone might want something that works for a trademark company or the single mother in America, there are many different schools of thoughts of how to make the most of our tax money. We also will hear some debate on how much we should be paying. You will hear about tax breaks for businesses, incentives for following sponsored programs and various other projects.

We are always going to expect the next government to build on the things that came before and fix those problems that might have come up along the way. If you're having trouble affording a mortgage or new car because of the current interest rates than you might be more concerned with programs that are going to fix this issue. During another election you might wonder more about social security. It's the responsibility of citizens to bring up the new hot topics of today.

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