The one the thing that will never change when it comes to politics and elections is the debate. For as long as politics have been around so have the good old fashion debates. The only difference between a debate of 30, 40, 50, or even 100 years ago to today is the way technology has been brought into the debate. You no longer have to be in the audience to participate in the debate. You can actually be at your desk working and send a Tweet to the debaters asking them about important issues to you.

While technology may have changed the way we consume technology they haven't changed the dynamics of the debate. There's still a podium, there's still a moderator, there are still people debating issues, be they stem cell research (more here) or the use of warehouse guardrails (more here), and there are still plenty of tough questions asked. Being a debater is no easy task.

You have to be prepared, articulate, and respectful of other people's opinions, no matter how strongly you disagree with them, if you want to effectively take part in a debate and sway others to your way of thinking. Whether you're watching a debate on TV between local politicians or you're taking part in a debate with your fellow partners there are keys to winning a debate.

First off, you need to state your case clearly and concisely without coming off too emotional. If you're debating why RRSPs are a sure-fire investment strategy them make sure to list off the reasons why you believe so. Don't just say you think are the way to go without backing up your claim. You need stats and facts, in addition to your opinion, in order to effectively get your point of view across during a debate. No one's going to listen to what you have to say if you don't give them a valid reason to. The worst thing you could do during a debate is be written off by the audience.

You also need to make sure you get to your point in a concise manner of time. Most official debates only allow you a certain amount of time to state your case or offer a rebuttal. Nobody, whether they're in the audience watching or listening on a radio, wants to hear you ramble on and on about something. They want your opinion and they want it now! Debates aren't meant to last too long because nobody really wants to sit around listening to a bunch of people argue. They want to hear what they came to hear and they want it as quickly as possible. Take our advice and you should be debating like a champ in no time.

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