There are many different reasons why a person might choose to run for office. Some are born into a political family and hear conversations around the dinner table about the effects of the employment rate at the closing of a factory to the national health care plan from an early age. Others just have that drive to make positive changes within their community, state or country. Here are some of the great reasons that a person might choose to run for office and some that are a little less than good.

If you're appointed to office than you should expect to be working full time for the people within your area. This means addressing their needs as well as serving the greater good of the branch of government that you're part of. Before you leave behind a job as a lawyer or someone who works with machines you should make sure that you understand the world of politics and how you're going to achieve your goals and fit in with this environment. It's wonderful to want to make a difference but you need to have a plan as well as a vision.

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The life of a politician can be very fast-paced, exciting and fulfilling. If you want to feel that you're making an impact on the world every day than this might be the perfect career choice for you. But you should also remember that they're not called civil servants for nothing. While someone working for a company that helps people find a mortgage, for example, can go home at the end of the day and stop thinking about work, a politician is really on the job at all times. You might be expected to participate in community events in the evening and will take many trips for work throughout the year.

Wanting a life where you feel important and are in the spotlight is not a great reason to run for office. If you're currently working and have a political mind than you are going to do much better than someone who's interested in getting their name in the newspaper every once in a while. Make sure that you have a strong desire to work for others instead of just serving your own career goals to get into a prestigious position.

Running for office is something that many people aspire to but it is certainly not the only way to affect politics. Many things from starting projects that will create more affordable housing to working with third world countries is done by people who are hired into their positions by the elected leaders. So, if you're not a person who can see yourself as a politician than you might still have a chance of working at the White House.

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