If you are having difficulty making up your mind as to how to approach your boss for a pay increase, then maybe it is time for you to take a step backwards and get your ducks in a row. It certainly helps for you to make sure that you have put your affairs in order before moving on.

Some of us are more aggressive than others when it comes to standing up for a belief or for our rights. Whether it is for a pay increase or during an election. Maybe it is we do not feel that we understand enough about the democratic process or maybe we do not think that our voice matters. However, several companies would readily tell us that in order for them to be more successful, they need to hear from us.

To understand how our politics works and how much it is a part of our lives, is more than half the battle won. One can easily say that it is like understanding why we need to make regular visits to our favorite happy places in order to keep ourselves in good health.

Some of us enjoy seeing how individuals play a role in our politics no matter how small it may be while others prefer to go the opposite way. Politics is like zoo keepers do their job; one day up and one day down a bit. Politicians need to be able to get a firm grip on the pulse of their riding and of the country in order to be able to do a good job for us.

It is all about being able to stick handle among and around challenges. It is what we all do in our lives. A realtor practically does this for a living; negotiating on behalf of their clients. An ambassador does the same; negotiating on behalf of their country and it is exactly the same for any company executive when they go out there to do battle on behalf of their company.

A prime minister does the same for their country. The same for a president and even the Queen does her part whenever she travels around. Ah yes! Politics! We all get involved in it to some extent on a daily basis. Welcome to the world of politics!

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