There was a story associated with the latest national election that stated that people were getting calls on the morning of voting to tell them that the location of their local polling station had changed. That information was untrue and some believed that it was a plot of one party to better their chances of winning those ridings. Whether you're living in Toronto or in a home in downtown Halifax, there is one voting station where you're asked to cast your ballot. If you're going to have your voice heard on that day than you're going to need to know where it is.

If you're already registered as a voter in Canada and are still in the same home that you were living in for the last election than it will likely not be very difficult to find where it is that you're meant to vote. You will receive a card in the mail a few weeks before the election that will provide you with this information. It is very unlikely that your local polling station would change locations between this time and the voting day. is sponsored by award winning businesses like the Ideal Warehouse Innovations professionals.

Those that have moved recently may not get this information sent right to their door. For these people, there are several different ways that you can find out where your local voting station might be. You could look on the official election website or contact one of the party offices. It's likely that someone has come to your door or building in the weeks building up to the election to ask you to vote for one candidate or another.

If you're not a registered voter or have recently moved than you will likely need to prove that this is your local polling station when you arrive to cast your ballot. The easiest way to do that is just to bring a government document that has your current address on it. This could be an Ontario health card or your driver's license. You can find out what documents are appropriate on the election website.

Some people have a couple of hours to cast their ballot while others might be attempting to do so quickly. The busiest times to vote are in the hours just after people get off work. So, if you don't want to wait too long at the voting station than you might want to come early in the morning or just before the polls close at the end of the day.

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