Many of the milestones we encounter in our lives are associated with our age. Most people start feeling more like a grown-up than a child when they are in their teens and at age eighteen you start being allowed to do more things. You might not be at the point yet where you are working or are buying your first home, but you are able to do things like gamble and will be treated like an adult in the court system. This is also the age where you are finally eligible to vote in upcoming elections.

When you are eighteen you are then in the age of majority. This basically means that you qualify as an average citizen as far as your rights and responsibilities go. You now no longer need someone to sign for you on a legal document and can sign up for more things on your own, from a dental newsletter to a magazine subscription. Basically, it means that you qualify as an adult. And while just reaching this age means that you are allowed to vote, you should take that responsibility seriously and should know what you're doing before you cast a ballot.

Voting as a young adult usually means that you are looking for different things from the candidates than those who have been casting their ballots for a number of years. You might be in a lower tax bracket that makes you less concerned about the property taxes in your neighbourhood and worry more about the cost of tuition for universities across Canada as opposed to in other countries. You should make sure that you know where are all of the candidates side on the issues that are important to you and make sure that you take the time to look at all of the different points of view.

Some say that you are not allowed to complain about your government's choices if you're not someone who votes. This is a good point and whether you're working or going to school to pursue a career, it's certain that there are some issues that are important to you. Having a voice can mean more than just casting one vote on election day. Usually candidates are looking for younger people to help spread their message and show others the importance of being a registered voter. If you're passionate about politics and want to make sure that the candidate you support is being heard, you could volunteer for their campaign.

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