Some believe who wins an election is not about their political platforms or the issues that are current in the news. It is who is able to raise the most money for their campaign, whether that be from an average teacher or cosmetic dentist or from those that have billions of dollars. It is said that the most recent presidential election in America was the most expense in terms of campaign spending. If there is an election happening that affects you, whether it be national, state, or local, you might be thinking about donating money to your favorite candidate. But, before you give away some of the money that you have worked hard for with top realtors or with financiers in New York City, you should know more about where your money will be going.

When you're running a campaign, whether it be to elect a new president or you're trying to get a new park built around your condo, there are costs that are going to go along with that. Advertising is a big part of running a successful campaign, as you won't get the votes that you need if you don't get your message out to the right people. When you're getting to larger campaigns, like national elections, there are also going to be a lot of costs associated with travelling to different places. You might be mailing out custom packaging with all of your posters and information pamphlets but people will respond much better if they are able to see the candidate in person and ask them questions.

In the most recent election, more than one hundred million dollars was spent on each campaign for president. If you're trying to get a lawyer elected as mayor then you won't need to spend this much. But, you should remember that all of the money that goes towards the campaign needs to come from donations. And if you're politically minded, there are many other campaigns that you might choose to support rather than just elections to get the people that you like into some kind of office. Some people choose to support equal rights for all people while others might give money to promote more legislation when it comes to gun control. There are always going to be campaigns out there that need monetary support from people and companies that share their ideals.

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