There are elections happening everywhere but some of them you may not actually be able to vote in. You can't just show up at the polling booth for any and all elections. You may see a political campaign ad on TV one day that makes you want to vote for the candidate talking but that candidate may actually be running in an election that isn't in your jurisdiction.

You can only vote for politicians who are running in your area. You can only vote for the riding you live in. If you don't know which riding you live in and who you can vote for don't worry because you will get an election notice in the mail that provides you with all the voting information you need. That election notice will tell you which riding you live in, who the candidates are that are running, what party they are running under, and most importantly, where to go to vote in your community.

Political boundaries dictate which elections you can vote in. So try not to get too swayed by every political ad you see on TV because you might be getting a feed that's from an area you don't live in. Who is running for office in your area and whom you can actually vote on all depends on the political boundary jurisdiction of your area so make sure you are aware of the candidates running for office in your area.

If you walk by bus bench ads or billboards for politicians or candidates looking for your vote it's a safe bet that they're probably running for office in a jurisdiction you can live in and can actually vote in. It's not always easy to know what political boundary jurisdiction you are a part of since there are so many. You may work in a part of town that's thirty minutes away from where you live that could be a completely different jurisdiction from where you work.

Figure out exactly what jurisdiction you are part of before scouting out the candidates running for office. You don't want to find yourself researching what certain candidates are basing their platform on only to find out you can't actually vote for them. You want to be as certain as possible that your vote is going to count on election morning once you leave your home and head to polling booth. Settling on a candidate in an election you have no say in might be discouraging to you so don't let that happen.

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